Mineral Trio | Magnesium Gift Pack

Mineral Trio | Magnesium Gift Pack

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Try out the mineral trio for a variety of reasons. Magnesium is important for the body to function in a healthy way.  This gift pack includes Eneka Night Salt in 8oz, a magnesium and msm soak for hands, feet or bath. It provides a more intense application of magnesium for the whole body. The Super Star Sleep cream is moisturizing magnesium meant to hydrate skin while delivering magnesium.  This is a gentle way to apply magnesium before bed and to the body as needed. Great for relaxation.

Mag Mist is a great travel size magnesium option. It is meant to target the spot areas for relief of symptoms like migraines and sore muscles after the gym.


  • A natural approach to physical therapy using water and minerals.
  • Dating back centuries, the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans would bathe in mineral-rich hot springs to reap health benefits.
  • People all over the world continue to seek out hot springs for a calming soak.
  • Promotes overall health and wellbeing.
  • Replicate the art of balneotherapy at home with mineral-rich salts in your bath.


These 3 are all included in this magnesium pack.

(Eneka Night Salt 8 oz, Superstar Sleep 2 oz, Mag Mist 2 oz)