Goddess Getaway | At home spa | Self-Care Saturday | Gift Box
Goddess Getaway | At home spa | Self-Care Saturday | Gift Box
Goddess Getaway | At home spa | Self-Care Saturday | Gift Box
Goddess Getaway | At home spa | Self-Care Saturday | Gift Box
Goddess Getaway | At home spa | Self-Care Saturday | Gift Box
Goddess Getaway | At home spa | Self-Care Saturday | Gift Box
Goddess Getaway Gift Box by Eneka Elements
Goddess Getaway | At home spa | Self-Care Saturday | Gift Box
Goddess Getaway | At home spa | Self-Care Saturday | Gift Box
Goddess Getaway | At home spa | Self-Care Saturday | Gift Box

Goddess Getaway | At home spa | Self-Care Saturday | Gift Box

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Goddess Getaway | At Home spa | Gift Box

This is an At-Home Spa Experience. This is great as a gift at home to be used on a self-care Saturday. It is also a wonderful gift for a loved one who needs to add more self-care to their routine.

Includes :


This is a Shorea and Shea Butter based body creme.

It is created for skin that is in need of moisture and it protects the skin from drying out quickly. The texture is rich and creamy and ivory in color. It smells like cocoa and coconuts.


What makes it stand out?

It has a triple butter combination. Made to seal in the moisture and to smell amazing.

Try this customer favorite to rescue your dry skin and fall in love at first touch.

A skincare product fit for the Goddess in you.


How to use:

Apply a dime-sized amount to the palm and rub into the skin making sure to distribute evenly as needed. Great to use after a bath or shower to seal in moisture. 



  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Natural Shorea Butter
  • Organic Cocoa Butter
  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Organic Rose Hip Oil
  • Organic Avocado Oil


***Please be aware that as the season changes the texture of the body butter may change as well. As the temperature gets warmer body butter may melt within delivery transit. Melting body butter does not change or affect the quality of the product at all. If it has melted completely just place it in the refrigerator to keep its texture.  

Keep this product cool or at room temperature. It may melt in high temperatures and in direct sunlight.

 2. Queen Soap | Facial Soap | Noir Queen

All Hail the Queen!

Get the supreme Queen Clean with this luxurious soap.

This soap was designed to detox pores and allow the skin to shine in a natural and organic way. Why do we use Colloidal oatmeal in our soap? It's considered an emollient — a substance that softens or soothes the skin — because it packs fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients shown to benefit the skin.

Noir Queen means serious business and she is to be used on the face or hands to wash and remove soap and environmental toxins from pores. Use to combat signs of discoloration and clogged pores and blackheads. Try on some royal detox soap for the ultimate in clean. Skip the oatmeal bath and use this luxurious soap bar for your nightly or morning face routine.

Let the power of activated charcoal absorb toxins and dirt while shea butter and oatmeal soothe and nourish the skin. 

Try one of our royal soaps today.

Noir Queen Ingredients:

Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin, Shea Butter, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitan Oleate, Oat Protein, Titanium Dioxide, Activated charcoal, Colloidal Oatmeal


3. Milk Bath Moments | Milk Bath Collection

Do you need some time for yourself?

 It is time to relax.

The Eneka Elements Milk Bath Collection is here to pamper every pore of your skin.

Cleopatra Bath is a triple cream bath made for the softening and nourishment of the skin. It was created to add a touch of silk to your skin. Three ingredients of Buttermilk, Coconut milk, and Skim Milk.


4. Do Not Disturb Donuts | Bath Fizz Donuts| Rose Goddess

These donuts will have you putting up a sign to tell everyone in the house "Do Not Disturb" my donut time. These come in a single container. The guiltless donut has arrived. These donuts have an organic blend with a warm scent of various notes depending on the donut with highlights of sweet shea butter soap icing. This donut gives two solutions to your bath with a Shea Butter soap on top for cleaning and a fizzing donut for you to enjoy. This is a 2 in 1 treat.

How to use it:
Drop the fizzy in a warm bath and when the soap frosting pops up, rub it in palms to use soap on your body. A holistic clean and it is time to relax!

Rose Goddess Ingredients:
Sodium Bicarbonate, Organic Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Buttermilk, Avocado Oil, Magnesium Oil, Epsom Salt, Organic Spearmint Essential Oil, Organic Roses, Himalayan Pink Salt


  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Organic Avocado Oil
  • Beeswax

5. Legendary Lips | Organic Luxury | Lip Balm

Take your lips on vacation with Eneka Elements luxurious new lip balm called Legendary Lip Lux blend. This first-class lip experience is exactly what you need. The luxurious feel of Shea butter and Avocado oil dance marvelously with the beeswax infused in this amazing lip experience.

Find yourself reaching for Legendary Lip Lux just to feel that one-of-a-kind lip silk feeling applied before bed and wake up feeling like a lip winner. Stay kissable this year with Legendary Lip Lux Lip Balm.

6. Eneka Salt & Roses | Self-Care Moment Satchel

Enjoy a quick moment on us with a Morrocan rose kissed treat.

This Magnesium soak will include magnesium chloride soak as well as a rose satchel filled with dried Egyptian roses. 

This duo is meant to be used in a bath soak for the body, hands, or feet.

  *Comes in a 3 oz bag



  • Eneka Salt (Magnesium Chloride Flakes)
  • Egyptian Roses (Dried)


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