Hello Morocco| Moroccan Black Soap| Vegan Skin Brightening Soap
Hello Morocco| Moroccan Black Soap| Vegan Skin Brightening Soap

Hello Morocco| Moroccan Black Soap| Vegan Skin Brightening Soap

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Hello Morocco| Moroccan Black Soap| Shower Spa Kit

Moroccan black soap or beldi soap is a kind of soap originating in Morocco. It is a high-alkaline Castile soap made from olive oil and macerated olives with a gel-like consistency. This gives the soap its characteristic dark brown-black color.

How does it stand out?

It improves your skin texture.
Another most prominent benefit of using Moroccan black soap is it is perfect for improving skin texture. Vitamin E is present and it provides great strength and longevity. It strengthens the tissues of the skin and gives it a clean and smooth texture.

How can I use Moroccan black soap at home?

After 15 minutes in your hot bath, hot shower, steam room, or hammam, using only plain water, apply soap on a warm and wet body. Avoid the face and eyes. Leave on for up to 10 minutes then rinse with warm water. Your skin is now softer and easier to exfoliate, get ready for the Kessa glove exfoliation.


What is Moroccan Hammam?

Moroccan Hammam is also called a Moroccan Bath. In fact, it is a middle eastern version of the steam bath. Also, It has its roots in the Ottoman empire.

Moroccan Black soap is widely used in Morocco, either in hammam’s, bath, Spa’s or at home for, skin exfoliation purposes.

In fact, the recipe has been passed on from generations. especially, It is mainly made of olives. Olives are high in nutrients and add lots of benefits to this soap over traditional soaps found in the store.

Hello, Morocco soap is made with high-quality natural ingredients for the purpose of skin exfoliation. It is 100 % natural and free from silicone and parabens. In addition, it has never been tested on animals. It is suitable for all types of skin.

The reason, our black soap is made using either Argan or Olive oil leaves the skin smooth and shiny after exfoliation.

How to use Moroccan soap:

For the purpose, of using black soap in a traditional Moroccan Hammam Bath. The recommended, steps are as follows.

1.1: To begin with, let your body absorb steam inside the Hammam for 15 to 20 mins.

1.2: Secondly, apply black soap or Savon Beldi(as they say in Morocco) on your body.

1.3: Thirdly, Leave it to absorb the goodness of the soap for 10-15 mins.

Give the body a good rinse with hot water. After, scrub your skin with exfoliating glove called Kessa. Notably, this will help you remove all the dead skin cells of the body. Another key point, our Black soap comes with a Free exfoliating glove (Kessa) suitable for all skin types when you buy from us.



  • Olive Oil, Argan Oil
  • Macerated Olives
  • Aqua
  • Potassium Hydroxide