Super Star Sleep Magnesium Cream and Mag Mist Magnesium Spray By Eneka Elements
Magnesium Set | Mag Mist & Superstar Sleep | *Best Sellers
Magnesium Set | Mag Mist & Superstar Sleep | *Best Sellers

Magnesium Set | Mag Mist & Superstar Sleep | *Best Sellers

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Try this set of magnesium products for relaxation and on the skin mineral application.  Mag Mist magnesium oil is an excellent choice for on the spot application. Ideal for sore muscles after the gym and to relieve migraines. For a moisturizing magnesium choice, the Super Star Sleep is a next-level option.  It is a great opportunity to achieve great sleep by utilizing magnesium before bedtime.  Whether it's to relax or to restore both these products are available. 



  • Mag Mist 2oz spray unscented 
  • Super Star Sleep Magnesium Cream


*Please be aware that as the season changes the texture of the body butter may change as well. As the temperature gets warmer body butter may melt within delivery transit. Melting body butter does not change or affect the quality of the product at all. If it has melted completely just place it in the refrigerator to keep its texture.  

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