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Skin Care Gift Pack | Soak, Spray and Cream | 3-pack

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Skin Care Gift Pack | Soak, Spray and Cream

Try out the mineral trio for a variety of reasons. Magnesium is important for the body to function in a healthy way.  This gift pack includes Eneka Night Salt in 8 oz, magnesium, and MSM soak for hands, feet, or bath. It provides a more intense application of magnesium for the whole body. The Super Star Sleep cream is moisturizing magnesium meant to hydrate skin while delivering magnesium.  This is a gentle way to apply magnesium before bed and to the body as needed. Great for relaxation.

Mag Mist is a great travel-size magnesium option. It is meant to target the spot areas for relief of symptoms like migraines and sore muscles after the gym.


  • A natural approach to physical therapy using water and minerals.
  • Dating back centuries, the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans would bathe in mineral-rich hot springs to reap health benefits.
  • People all over the world continue to seek out hot springs for a calming soak.
  • Promotes overall health and wellbeing.
  • Replicate the art of balneotherapy at home with mineral-rich salts in your bath.


These 3 are all included in this magnesium pack.

(Eneka Night Salt 8 oz, Legendary Superstar Sleep 2 oz, Mag Mist 2 oz)



Eneka Night Salt

Try the combination of MSM (Elemental sulfur) and Magnesium in this new bath blend. We at Eneka Elements love going to Hot springs and decided to bring it home with us in this combo. It is a great mineral soak for in-home self-care routines. Enjoy Eneka Night Salt and utilize premium distilled MSM and pure magnesium chloride. If you can soak, you can self-care. An essential daily soak for yogis and athletes.


  • Magnesium Chloride | Genuine Zeichstein 
  • MSM (Elemental Sulphur) | Methylsulfonylmethane  


 Legendary Superstar Sleep

Try some Super Star Sleep cream and sleep well as the lovely scent help you relax. This night time magnesium cream was created to soothe and to absorb magnesium into the skin via a topical cream. Enjoy the natural and numerous benefits of magnesium. This cream has a blend of sweet lavender for relaxation. It is a great way to start your nighttime routine and to get great sleep. Enjoy a blend of mother nature's finest. It comes in a 2 oz jar and is one of our bestsellers.

How to use:

Take a dime size amount and rub it between hands and spread evenly on the body. Repeat as needed. Pay close attention to applying to feet and neck or to the area of your choice. The best time to use is after a shower and before bed.


  • Magnesium Oil
  • Shorea Butter
  • Organic Argan Oil
  • Organic Kukui Nut Oil
  • Vegetable Based Emulsifying Wax
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil


*Please be aware that as the season changes the texture of the body butter may change as well. As the temperature gets warmer body butter may melt within delivery transit. Melting body butter does not change or affect the quality of the product at all. If it has melted completely just place it in the refrigerator to keep its texture.  

*Aluminum Spray bottle now available.

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