How to Clean Bath Bomb Stains from the Bathtub

How to Clean Bath Bomb Stains from the Bathtub

You do not need deep colors in bath bombs and the brighter and deeper the dyes used, the more chance there is of ending up with a bath tub with stains on. Sometimes, using the wrong dyes will leave these stains permanent and no amount of cleaning will remove them entirely.

Always use light colors and in very small amounts .

The glitters and colorants present in the beautifully scented bath bombs can leave residue enough for your bathtub to look dirty and slippery. You can easily get rid of the residue by simply rinsing the residue immediately after the bath. If immediate cleanup is not possible, here are a few things that you need to consider for a clean bathtub.

Pumice scrub: Any residue build up inside the bathtub may require some scrubbing or brushing. You can buy pumice scrub or a similar product for scrubbing off the dirt from the bathtub. But, in case you want to try a hand-off method read on to the second point. There are many tub scrubbers and home cleaning agents that you can use for removing bath bomb stains from the tub.

The product that you chose should be easy on the surface of the tub.
Hot water and baking soda: Fill your bathtub with very hot water. Fill it till it is quarter. Now add some baking soda and let it sit for some time while the tub is completely filled with the hot water. Leave it for 10-20 minutes and rinse the water while gently wiping the tub with a sponge. Hot water will gently rinse off any dirt and oil based residue left by the bath bombs. These oil-based residues, if not cleaned off, may cause slippery surface which increases the chances of injuries due to skidding.

Enameled tubs: In case you use tub made up of enamel, you need a gentle approach to ensure the tub is not damaged in any way. The surface of the enameled tubs is quite sensitive and may be easily damaged with pumice scrubbing or acidic cleaners like vinegar and baking soda. For enameled tubs use cream based cleansers. Use a soft cloth or sponge and gently wipe off the residue of bath bomb with the help of water and cleanser.

Acrylic tubs: Acrylic hot tubs are also quite fragile and may be easily damaged with scratching. Abrasive sponges or stones should not be used for cleaning the tub. Use a soft sponge or a cloth to wipe off any dirt. You can use liquid dish wash soap for wiping off any tough stain from the tub. Stains from bath bombs on the acrylic tubs should be removed at the soonest. If allowed to sit for a longer duration they may cause serious damage that may include discoloration of the tub or brown patches.

Normally, bath bombs do not stain the tubs, unless the glitter and artificial colorants are present in the ingredients. But artificial colorants and glitters can cause skin irritation and hence should be avoided. Still, if you desire to have a luxurious yet relaxing bath with the shinnying scented balls, it is advisable to clean up the bathtub immediately after the bathing if you want to retain the spotless shine of the tub.

Regular gentle cleaning of the tub with a sponge and cleanser can help sustain the beauty of the bathtub.


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