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Eneka Elements


"Legendary Hair & Skin for Women & Men"

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"You deserve happiness, even if you're not used to it."

Embracing Tradition

How is our Shea Butter ethical?

Ethical Shea Butter means enabling the poorest people in the Shea Butter supply chain to improve their working conditions, their lives, and the quality of their products, and in turn, to become better organized and negotiate fair prices. Ethical shea butter is good for business and has a positive social impact.

We only use Fair-Trade Shea Butter.


The Eneka Elements Experience

Eneka Elements is a lifestyle brand focusing on holistic, health and harmony for skin and hair. We provide "Legendary Hair and Skin for Women & Men" with our Legendary Collections and products. We believe in looking at the whole picture. Our mission is to utilize innovative formulations and products while highlighting the wonders of mother nature's plant ingredients but with a luxury twist. Join our self-care "Me time Revolution".

We are born from the ashes in Phoenix, AZ and are bringing a next-level approach to holistic beauty products. We aim to bring value to the consumer and to focus on self-care as a way of life. What started as an artistic expression has now reached new heights and is the Eneka Elements you see today. Created by an innovator and artisan with top-notch talent for organic ingredients and creating holistic products, Anicka Martin has created a brand to be noticed. 

Taking a hint from the "Legendary Phoenix" she is rising to new heights in the self-care industry in Arizona and abroad. Merging ingredients from Africa to Arizona, blending Ayurveda with her Indigenous roots to form the future of holistic products from head to toe. Creating products using Shea and Shorea butter, Aloe and various desert ingredients. The focus is to use only that which is best to allow each product to shine organically. Keep your eye on this rising luxury self-care brand. Anicka Martin is "The Self-Care Phoenix"  and is rising to new heights. Check us out on Youtube @EnekaElements and Subscribe!



I love my Eneka Elements package!!! From the professional packaging to the beautiful details...and the extra goodness that I could smell from beyond the mailbox... I am impressed. So much thought and work went into the golden touch the whole order is magnificent beyond words! Thank you so much! To the bath I go!

Jessie C.

That Goddess Creme makes my skin glow happily. My skin sings..

Dr. Shanna Bayrd, NMD

5 out of 5 stars

By the way my husband is loving the beard oil!!!!!! It’s amazing and there’s no tangles!! And his beard dandruff is disappearing!! You Rock Eneka!

Sarita W.

5 out of 5 stars    

Love it. Will purchase again even though I rarely use products like this, when I used, I was like ya I will hook myself up like this again.

Deanna C. 

5 out of 5 stars

I am in love with the Noir Mask! I will definitely purchase again. It is a favorite for my teen girls and made it on their Christmas lists! This leaves my face feeling incredibly soft and clean. It is also an excellent product for men and works clearing up any bumps from clippers or shaving. Great product!

Lavita G. 

    5 out of 5

EXCELLENT!! I just started using this and I noticed the ends of my hair look and feel softer. I am also noticing less hair loss in my comb. I will continue to use this product to nourish and take care of my hair. 

(Legendary Hair products)

Stef M.

Bruh, there is nothing better than a bath with (Eneka Salt) Eneka Elements on a high pain day. Magnesium is one of the few things that takes the edge off my pain. Thank you Eneka Elements for making such accessible, wonderful, healing products.


 That's the first time in a month I havn't had the tingles (From Diabetic Neuropathy) and the feeling of my foot falling asleep. I soaked in Eneka Night salt and followed it up with Super Star Sleep Cream.

Monique R.

Shower Celebration

Noir Mask

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Sustainable Self-Care

When you add to your cart, you can support projects that fight #climatechange. Offset with @CarbonClick at checkout.

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Contact us at EnekaElements@Gmail.com Please include your name, and detailed question or how we can assist.
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