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My Self-Care Story

Learn how prioritizing your own well-being benefits your whole family.

Mom & Virtual Assistant
Andrea Sanchez

                                               Andrea Sanchez | Virtual Assistant

When you’re a parent, self-care often slips to the bottom of the list. But taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury. It’s essential. And during this difficult time, when children are home and stress is running high, it’s more important than ever. 

 Noir Queen


I’ve been using this soap for about 3 years now. It started as supporting my friend on her new business adventure. Trying her products and seeing what magic she would come up with. I ended up falling in love with this product from the get-go! I’ve tried many different soaps and face washes over the years and NOTHING has compared to this one! Let’s dive a little more into how this all started shall we? Ok! 

I knew I wanted to be in a more healthy lifestyle. What exactly does that entail you ask? 

I was a first-time mom and my son was about to turn a year old. I knew I wanted to be in a more healthy lifestyle. What exactly does that entail you ask? Well, I had that same question. I honestly didn’t know. I was already starting to eat clean and I started exercising 2-3 days a week, but I still felt like my self-care routine needed some updating. I had gotten used to putting myself on the backburner (hello, first-time mom) regarding self-care. Mental health, physical health, and skincare routine.


Eneka Elements promotes the #MeTimeRevolution, which sounded like it was right up my alley. "Me Time" is a big part of self-care and mental health. It means taking care of yourself so that you can thrive and enjoy your life to the fullest. We often talk about self-care but rarely have time to do it. That changes today. The small things go a long way.”- Eneka Elements.

I had always struggled with acne ever since my teen years. It would clear up for a short period but always come back with a vengeance. I had tried everything from the expensive treatments to the daily face washes you find at Walmart. It was all the same, clear up for a short while then come right back. Plus, none of the face washes I tried were “all-natural” and “cruelty-free” Which was an important factor when it came to buying products. It was always either one or the other but never both.

I started using Queen Soap Noir in October of 2017, twice a day morning and night. I would take my makeup off first and then go right into washing my face with the Queen Noir. I also use a facial brush I found at Big lots. Finish up with some rose water spray also from Eneka Elements. Within a month my skin was smoother and even in skin tone, AND my acne had cleared up. It was like a miracle! I still get acne from time to time, but it is usually hormonal or when I’m stressed. (We won’t go there). 

Compared to other soap bars, it’s a good-sized square bar of soap. Its smooth texture is easy to hold and doesn’t slip out of my hands. (Score!) Its creamy texture goes on like butter. It is made with Shea butter so that makes a lot of sense! Plus it has this beautiful regal queen imprinted on the front, how could you not feel like royalty when using it? It also comes in Queen Soap Blanc. Made with Shea Butter. 

Noir Queen means serious business and is to be used on the face or hands to wash and remove soap and environmental toxins from pores. Use to combat signs of discoloration and clogged pores and blackheads. The power of activated charcoal absorbs toxins and dirt while Shea butter and oatmeal soothe and nourish the skin.”- Eneka Elements.

Queen Soap Noir is essential in my skincare routine. Out of everything I have tried over the years, nothing has given me the results that I wanted. I have literally checked all my “must-have” boxes. Affordable, all-natural, and cruelty-free and IT WORKED!! Eneka Elements has delivered some amazing products. She has put her heart and soul into her products and it shows. To be honest, I use the entire Noir line. Queen soap, Noir tooth polish, and Noir mask- Detox Clay mask, but that is a story for another time.


What is your self-care story? Feel free to comment below.



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