Self-Care Tips for a More Fulfilling Life

Self-Care Tips for a More Fulfilling Life

By: Anicka Martin & Melissa Howard

Good health is your greatest asset and worth investing in. That doesn't mean that you have to spend your time sipping green smoothies and training for marathons. There are many small yet impactful everyday habits you can engage in that are proven to boost health and happiness. By starting with smaller actions, you are less likely to get overwhelmed and give up on your healthy lifestyle. This will pave the path towards lasting change.


Enjoy A Milk Bath

A milk bath is exactly what the name implies — a bath with milk, and usually other natural ingredients. Adding milk to your bath water can help to hydrate and soothe your skin, improve inflammatory skin conditions and promote healthy aging.


Is a good source of lactic acid. Research suggests that applying lactic acid topically increases skin firmness and thickness, and improves skin smoothness. Lactic acid also works as an exfoliating agent that helps to remove dead skin cells. Taking a buttermilk bath can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promote healthy aging.

Coconut Milk
Coconut milk contains lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that has antimicrobial properties and supports skin health. Just like applying coconut oil topically, coconut milk has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects. It may even help with wound healing and increasing the turnover of collagen, which is a proven benefit of coconut compounds.


Make sure you're getting enough sleep

Sleep gives your body and brain valuable rest needed to ensure optimal function. The average adult should get at least seven hours of sleep every night. If you have trouble getting your Z's, try revamping your sleeping space. Declutter your bedroom, eliminate blue light-emitting technology, and get good window shades. You might also try turning down the temperature in your bedroom, as it's been shown that people sleep better in cooler weather.

Have you included magnesium in your night routine? Enjoy some Eneka Salt if you are looking to try.  Magnesium is a nutrient that’s involved in several important bodily functions. It plays a role in muscle and nerve function, is involved in regulating blood pressure and blood sugar, and even helps build bones and DNA.

Some research shows it may also be a better alternative to counting sheep.


Incorporate socializing into your schedule

Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be a drag. Need proof? Socializing with loved ones is one of the easiest things you can do to boost your mental wellbeing. According to The Mayo Clinic, socializing reduces feelings of loneliness, boosts happiness, and even improves cognitive skills. Some research also suggests that social people live longer! Ideally, socialize in person. If this isn't possible, virtual socializing can be helpful too. It may be that where you live doesn’t offer the kinds of social outlets you need, so always consider looking around at your home or apartment options.

Find a form of exercise you love

Regular exercise helps enhance cardiovascular health, improve muscle tone, and boost flexibility. Working out is also good for your mental health, as it spurs the production of feel-good endorphins in the brain. If you struggle to maintain an exercise routine, switch activities. Try alternative workouts like kickboxing or pilates instead of the usual routines like running on a treadmill. Once you find a workout you love, it will be easier to stick to. This is especially important if you’re a senior trying to stay active.

Invite a friend to join your workouts

Still struggling to hit the gym on a regular basis? Try going with a friend. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that a workout buddy can help you stay motivated and encourage more consistent workouts. Further, you're likely to work harder when you have another person by your side—plus, you'll be more likely to try new activities. If you don't have a friend to work out with, try joining a group fitness class to connect with others.

Make healthy eating into a hobby, not a chore

A balanced diet includes a mix of whole grains, lean proteins, low-fat dairy, and fresh fruits and vegetables. In general, it's better to cook at home than go out to eat, since restaurant food tends to have more added salt and fat. However, if you don't enjoy cooking, this can be a drag. To make it more fun, look for easy recipes that aren't too complicated. ​​

Take steps to reduce work-related stress

Work is a significant source of stress for most people. If you feel your work stress has gotten out of hand, it may be time to consider switching jobs or even careers. Enrolling in an online degree program can be the first step towards a new chapter professionally. You can structure your study schedule according to your needs.

Learn how to say "no" more often

Sometimes the key to greater happiness is simply saying "no." For example, it can be a big relief to turn down extra work when you're already overwhelmed on the job. That said, saying "no" in a professional and polite manner can be tricky. When you want to decline something, be assertive, yet courteous. Set boundaries for yourself and stick to them. Above all, remain firm and don't stray from your decision to say "no".

Rely on aromatherapy for relaxation

There are many all-natural solutions you can use to alleviate stress and unwind. Aromatherapy is a great example. Research has shown certain scents, like lavender, can promote sleep in adults and kids alike. It's even been shown to reduce crying in babies. Get a lavender essential oil that you can take a whiff of when you're feeling worried. It’s a great idea to use it in your bath or shower as part of your ongoing self-care. Try Eneka Elements Lavender Lovely Day Lotion Blossoms for moisturized skin after a relaxing bath. You can also try dabbing a few drops onto your pillowcase to help you sleep at night.

Take 15 minutes of "me" time every day

From social commitments to work obligations, there's a lot to keep you busy every day. Sometimes, you have to simply hit pause and take some time for yourself. Slot in 15 minutes of "me time" into your daily schedule. Use that small window of time to do something that you enjoy, like reading a book or playing with your pet. This is an opportunity to do something just for the fun of it, without fulfilling any greater purpose or agenda.

Use technology to maintain your healthy habits

Maintaining healthy habits isn't always easy. As with most things in life, "there's an app for that." Download apps on your phone that can help you stick to your healthy lifestyle. 

Use positive self talk to be kind to yourself

When you engage in negative self-talk, you can seriously harm your self-esteem and confidence. Focus on using positive self-talk instead. Repeating motivational mantras can help rewire your brain, giving you a sunnier outlook on life in general. Above all, be kind to yourself. Especially when it comes to changing health habits, give yourself time to adapt. Don't let a single setback derail your progress or interfere with your happiness.

Boosting mental and physical wellbeing doesn't have to be complicated. The above guide covers small but impactful steps you can take to lead a more fulfilling life.

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Self-care starts with me.

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