Cloud Soap by Eneka Elements African Black/ White soap 4 PACK 1 oz
Cloud Soap by Eneka Elements African Black/ White soap
Cloud Soap | 4- Pack | African White Soap

Cloud Soap | 4- Pack | African White Soap

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Cloud Soap | 4- Pack | African White Soap

Why it stands out:

This is one of the cleanest soap in the world with only 2 ingredients. It has a super thick and bubbly lather that is a stand out characteristic. You have never felt a lather this luxurious and bubbly.

The Cloud Soaps are made from Saponified Palm Kernel Oil and cocoa pod ash. The production process is quite lengthy, but the ingredients are simple and natural-palm kernel oil and cocoa pod ash (similar to Cocoa soap) to achieve the ultimate holistic clean.

The mixture is cooked and kneaded similar to hot process soap making. Once the soap is fully cooked, this fluffy mass starts to rise out of the pots and it is then collected. The women in the soap producing villages take the puffy mass and form them into softball like shapes. The soap lathers very well and will become darker and harder once water is introduced. It is said to be just as effective as traditional dark brown-black soap, but milder on the skin. 

 *You receive 4 quarter-sized cloud soaps that are 1 oz in weight total.

It is best to keep them stored in dry areas as humidity can also cause the soap to get darker and become bar soap. 

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