Legendary Hair Growth Serum by Eneka Elements

Legendary Hair | Growth Serum

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Legendary Hair Serum is a hair journey in a bottle.

It is for the individual ready to put the love and care back into their hair.

Take a drop or two of this luxury oil and rub it into hair root to tip and depending on your hair type apply as needed. Know that in this luxurious serum are the building blocks to long luxurious tresses. It has hints of essential oil that have been known for centuries for their remarkable qualities. Allow them to get you to the legendary hair you crave.

This serum seals in moisture and provides the ultimate environment to facilitate the growth of new hair. Allow the body to do what it does best and that's healing and regenerating itself. Eneka provides an option to assist in holistic body experience.

Like jojoba oil, rosehip oil also is a dry feeling or non-greasy oil. It is well absorbed by our scalp skin, helping to keep it moisturized and soft. This lovely oil is an excellent source of essential fatty acids that aid in the repair and renewal of damaged hair follicles and scalp tissue to promote healthy growth.

It is time to take the spotlight. It is time for your Legendary Hair journey to begin.

Choose this vegan, cruelty-free choice time and time again.



-Organic Jojoba Oil

-Organic Sweet Almond Oil

-Organic Rosehip Oil

-All Natural Black Castor Oil

-Organic Lavender Essential Oil


 How to use:

  • Lightly apply oil to hair roots and ends after washing to seal in moisture and provide protection for hair growth and health.
  • Style as usual or put hair in a protective hairstyle to improve growth and protection.
  • Great to use as a hot oil treatment as well before a shower. Apply oil and wrap hair in a warm towel. Let sit for 20 minutes and wash and condition as usual for an extra hydrating treatment.